A Day In The City

May 13, 2018

On Wednesday I met up with one of my good friends from beauty school. We hadn't seen each other since graduation in January, which was such a long time ago! We had such a nice day in the city together - we had a great lunch at my favorite restaurant Egon, we did some vintage shopping at Grünerløkka in Oslo, and the rest of the day we enjoyed in the city centre. I had such a blast 

Kitchen Home Decor Haul

May 10, 2018


Walnut Tray from LAGERHAUS
Pink Grapefruit Candle from LAGERHAUS
Paper Holder from LAGERHAUS
Dishwasher Soap from NORMAL

I was in a shopping mood a couple of days ago and decided to look out for some new home decor for my kitchen. I've been getting more and more into home decor, and have for the last couple of months bought some pieces for my living room and bedroom, but haven't really prioritized the kitchen, so I figured out now was the time! I went into two of my favorite budget-friendly shops when it comes to home decor, which is H&M and Lagerhaus. I always spend way to much time in those shops browsing for new pieces and finding inspiration. This time I bought three items from the store Lagerhaus, which is a walnut tray, a gorgeous gold paper holder, and a Pink Grapefruit Scented Candle which smells amazing and so fresh! I also stopped by the store NORMAL, which is a store that sells everyday products such as haircare, beauty, cleaning supplies and so on for a cheaper price than other regular stores. I bought a dishwasher soap with the scent of citrus, quite a boring purchase I know, but it's needed, and the bottle matches my new decor setup pretty well! 

What are your recent home decor purchases? 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

March 22, 2018


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